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ISHWAR ORTHOPAEDIC & JOINT REPLACEMENT HOSPITAL was started about 28 years ago on very humble note to provide the best in orthopaedics to the people of Rohtak and the surrounding villages.

We gave facilities and opportunity for treating difficult cases. Starting with a team, headed by his vision, a qualified and experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon DR. ISHWAR SINGH and other specialities available on call We have evolved to new heights having full time doctors in various specialties and other qualified super specialist orthopaedic surgeons, to give a perfect tertiary orthopaedic care and treatment.

We do all the described procedures of the world in orthopaedics ranging from JOINT REPLACEMENT, RHEUMATOLOGY, SPINE, DEFORMITY CORRECTION AND ARTHROSCOPIC PROCEDURES. All the above the treatments can be claimed for reimbursement with all the insurance companies in INDIA or abroad. To know us best you can visit us by prior appointment or as a walk in patient where we are ready to serve you.

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