ishwar Hospital


ISHWAR ORTHOPAEDIC & JOINT REPLACEMENT HOSPITAL Approximately 80% of people experience back pain during their lifetime. Though for the majority of these patients the pain will subside by medications and physiotherapy without the need for surgery. While, the remaining, still require a spine surgery to get rid of their back problems. Spine surgery is an invasive pain management procedure in which a specially trained doctor (the surgeon) uses instruments to make incisions to repair damaged spinal tissues. Or in other words Spine surgery whether back or neck surgery, can be sum up as an advanced treatment option for pain and disability caused by an identifiable lesion in the patient’s anatomy that has not adequately improved with non-surgical treatments. At Sant Parmanand Hospital we have a dedicated team of spine surgeons who are committed to providing with the finest surgical care available today. Our team of spine surgeons and physiotherapists will work with you to make your stay at the hospital pleasant and your transition back to home as smooth as possible.